Sun through the trees of the entry lane
Sun through the trees of the entry lane

In a wonderful position overlooking the valley and open on the Cantal mountains, the castle is composed of a main tower with military origin, built during the fifteenth century by Robert de Balsac, king's chamberlain, Seneschal of Agenais and Gascony.

In the seventeenth century, the family Lignerac, future Dukes of Caylus, built a large main building with fastuous reception rooms that houses a remarkable collection of Aubusson tapestries.

Since 1783 the current family maintains the set alive. Besides Aubusson, can be admire tapestries from the Flanders (XVII), an altarpiece (XVII) in the chapel, the main staircase in the antechamber, woodwork...

Into the hearth of Auvergne's Volcanos

The Cantal volcano geography is characterized by its star distribution of the valleys starting from its main summits.
Descending in the east to west axis from the Puy Chavaroche, the Bertrande River flows peacefully up to the Enchanet Lake.

The castle is built on a promontory overlooking a vast area of pastures.

Salers cows in front of the Saint-chamand castle
The garden in winter
hunting dogs
Fair Oxen, painted by F. Saint-Chamant